What can we do for you?

Whether you would like to buy or sell a property, don’t opt for an adventure or an experiment: seek advice from seasoned professionals before you find you need it.

The general conditions for real estate in Switzerland have changed fundamentally over the past years and have intensified in many ways.

Specifically, in certain areas of high population density, supply has increased considerably, meaning each property is faced with fierce competition. Experts are already speculating about an emerging real estate bubble. In other locations, however, supply is so low that the price-to-value ratio appears unfavorable. Either way, practical experience has shown that properties in certain locations and certain segments have come under significant pricing pressure.

Amid these general conditions, finding the price that will be most suitable within the market is an art mastered only by those who have been successfully involved with this market for years and decades. It is only after all of the buyer’s and seller’s questions, including all of their objections have been addressed to their satisfaction, that the best possible price can be reached.

With our relevant know-how and our services offered, we approach financially relaxed private clients who have uncompromising demands regarding individual consultation and who do not wish to enter into any risks — whether they are buying or selling a property.