Partners and Networks

The real estate market is necessarily a local, location-oriented business, where local knowledge is crucial. Thus, domestic or international networks are limited in effectiveness. The most important “network” today is indeed the Internet, or its local real estate platforms.

In order to be able to offer our clients independent consultation and services we do not belong to any networks. We are, however, open to collaborating with all market partners that share our same high standards of quality.

Due to our long-standing involvement in the Swiss real estate industry, we have trusted contacts among all relevant kinds of service providers, which means we are able to serve as your gateway to the Swiss real estate market. Thus, we offer our clients “the best of both worlds”: maximum know-how paired with the possibility of selectively offering additional partners and networks.

When it comes to elaborate a valuation of a property, we base our work on the data provided by Dr. Fahrländer Partner Raumentwicklung.