We conduct our business according to the following optimal values:

  1. We focus on our core competencies and qualifications on residential properties in Switzerland and related matters.
  2. At the center of our actions are always our clients - both the buyer and the seller - for we are focused on solutions rather than just properties.
  3. Absolute discretion and a high quality of service are of the utmost importance - quality rather than quantity!
  4. We will only accept as many clients as we can serve well within our uncompromising level of quality. Our growth is self-propelling.
  5. Peer review and a zero tolerance approach towards mistakes allow us to continually monitor the quality of our services.
  6. We will only accept contracts from clients whom we feel we can offer the relevant qualifications to be able to provide valuable services. .
  7. Each client will be served exclusively by one and the same senior partner. Thus, we ensure that each client is paired with the contact person best suited to this specific client’s concerns.
  8. All contact with clients - and particularly property viewings - take place with one of the company’s senior partners.
  9. We exclusively hire employees with long-standing proven success and plenty of practical experience.
  10. We assemble our teams in such a way that our knowledge and our networks complement and expand one another.
  11. We work pragmatically and with the most modern tools.
  12. We serve residential properties in all financial ranges and consider it a compliment when we are also entrusted with properties in the upper and top price ranges. A fine Swiss property does not necessarily mean a high price.