February 2016 How well is your property insulated?

During the cold season, this question is particularly topical: How well is your property insulated against heat loss? "The answer is equally important to the owner and to the buyer, because it has a direct impact on the value or the price of the property. This is because loss of heat means higher heating costs, which can only be curbed through appropriate structural measures" says George Spoerli, architect and managing partner of FSP.

In line with its business philosophy to always offer its clients the most advanced technology, FSP is one of the first estate agents in Switzerland to offer its clients, beginning immediately, infrared images that make visible the thermal characteristics of the property. Such images enable initial assessments to be made regarding the state of the property’s insulation and thus also regarding potential pending renovation work. This service is available to clients of Fine Swiss Properties for free in the context of the existing properties on offer.

Caption: The lighter an area is depicted, the more heat is being emitted from that area; conversely, the darker areas depict so-called thermal bridges.

Wärmebild Aufnahme von Fine Swiss Properties Wärmebild Aufnahme von Fine Swiss Properties Wärmebild Aufnahme von Fine Swiss Properties Wärmebild Aufnahme von Fine Swiss Properties

January 2016 TVOstschweiz presents prime-time feature on Sulzberg Castle

Ever wondered what the “Möttelischloss” looks like inside? Now’s your chance! (Video in Swiss-German only, apologies)

January 2015 Fine Swiss Properties introduces a transparent appraisal system for buyers and clients

Appraisals, i.e. customer testimonials, are the most important capital on the Internet. All the more true since more than 95% of all today’s real estate sales take place on the Internet. For this reason, transparency about the quality of our services is very important to us.

We are the first real estate agent in Switzerland to introduce an online appraisal system, ProvenExpert, which gives both sellers (i.e. our clients) and buyers the opportunity to evaluate us in detail. These assessments are available to you in their entirety (for now only in German): Just click on the ProvenExpert symbol.

January 2014 Fine Swiss Properties launches real estate listings with spherical images

FSP is the first real estate broker in Switzerland to give its clients the option of interactively experiencing all offered properties onscreen with spherical 360-degree images. By implementing this new technology, the innovative company emphasises its leading position in the contemporary presentation and marketing of fine Swiss real estate.

Starting in January 2014, all current real estate offers of Fine Swiss Properties (or rather, all those where the discretion requirements of the client or property permit it) will be equipped with at least one 360-degree panoramic image. This so called Sphere technology makes it possible to experience existing interior and exterior spaces close up onscreen and virtually move around in them...


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