Our clients’ opinions of our work

Maintaining the utmost discretion is important to most of our clients. So we are very pleased that the following clients have agreed to write a brief testimonial:

Ratings & reviews for FSP Fine Swiss Properties (LLC)

"Impressive how reliable and efficient the FSP staff works!" A.W., seller, Canton of Zurich

"We are a large family from eastern Europe and were looking for an appropriately large house that we wanted to remodel according to our vision. Searching for a house from a distance was not possible for us, and so we hired Robert Ferfecki to do this. Following an intensive search, he found a suitable property for us that was still under construction. We entrusted him with managing the completion of the construction work. The project was completed within budget and on schedule. The complementary services from vip-services.com also proved to be helpful, which saved us time. Today we are very satisfied living in our new home and will choose the same path next time."
K.G., buyer, Canton of Vaud

"For our residence in Switzerland, we were certainly looking for a very modern house with a first-class view. The building style in Switzerland is rather conservative, so it was not easy to find something suitable. But Robert and Georg ended up finding our dream house and were helpful in facilitating several aspects of our residency in Switzerland. This enabled our prompt and smooth arrival in Switzerland, and we already feel right at home."
P.S., buyer, Canton of Schwyz

"We are accustomed to very large living spaces in our home country, and the house we had rented in Switzerland as our temporary home was too small in every regard. So we hired Robert to search for a large property in the direct vicinity. He quickly identified the right property that would be suitable, but it was not listed for sale. He negotiated with the owner for almost a year before the sale worked out. And now we have one of the most beautiful properties on the Zurich Gold Coast. The effort paid off."
D.K., buyer, Canton of Zurich

"We inherited a large parcel of land in the Zurich uplands, which was in a region that did not appear to be very attractive at first glance. We decided to sell the land and hired Mr. Spoerli to do so. It took some time to settle on the right concept, but then the process went quite quickly. We would like to thank Mr. Spoerli for his long and intensive service, which was really worthwhile! Thanks to his architectural and real estate experience, he was able to reach a brilliant outcome."
E.E., seller, Canton of Geneva

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