What is important for a successful property sale?

Practical experience in architecture, construction management, and marketing are crucial qualities in today’s market - qualifications which only a few property brokers can offer.

In today’s market most real estate business takes place over the Internet, and the worldwide web provides unprecedented opportunities to gather and compare information. Today, anybody could try to sell a property via the Internet, practically without any professional knowledge.

But what use is this flood of information if you cannot integrate, evaluate, and assess it? And so it becomes clear: the Internet only superficially enables property searches and sales. In fact, this sets a new, higher benchmark for realtors, from whom today’s market requires broad and interdisciplinary knowledge. In most situations, maintaining dossiers, making web announcements and offering viewings are no longer sufficient. This is particularly true in real estate: only those who can create their own product can effectively evaluate it in terms of substance and potential. Thus, long-standing experience in architecture and construction are crucial qualifications that only few property brokers can offer. We do.

And it goes without saying that all of the properties/dossiers we serve are free from architectural obligations.

The following questions may arise in the course of a property sale or purchase.

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