Some questions that may arise in the course of a property transaction:

  • What have been the pricing developments in this region?
  • Which properties or characteristics are currently sought after?
  • What are the sociodemographic environment, the educational offerings, and the access to public transit?
  • What is the impact of the ongoing high migration pressure in Switzerland on the property or region in question?
  • What do issues regarding local politics and taxes look like? In which direction are these issues headed?
  • What can be said about the property’s materialization?
  • How has it aged, or how will it age? What are “permanent values” whose value is stable, and what are investments that the market rewards poorly?
  • What potential does the property have for renovation and reconstruction? What potential does the land have for development? Which building zone is the property located in, and what are the building and zone ordinances or the permit regulations of the region in question?
  • Does the structure of the building allow for changes/ adaptations to the use of space as needs change (e.g., when children move away from home)?
  • The construction industry has also seen a rapid development of technology, in particular as it pertains to housing technology (e.g. heat production) and insulation. Which technologies could possibly be introduced into an existing property with a reasonable amount of expenditure? What precautions are to be taken in the case of new construction or reconstruction, so that future technologies can be installed effortlessly?
  • Does the property have any restrictions (e.g., in terms of the preservation of sites of historic interest) that would limit handling, and if so, how does one deal with these?
  • Terms such as “luxury, exclusive, prestigious, etc.” are used freely and often serve to drive up prices. But what is “luxury” in a buyer’s market? Which luxuries are appreciated, and on the other hand, which extravagances are not? Whether something is luxurious or prestigious lies in the eye of the beholder, i.e., the potential buyer.
  • Which “additional collector’s fees” are potentially justified or which price reductions may be expected?

Informed answers to these and other questions can be provided only by those who know a region in great detail and who have preferably built there themselves.