Property Consulting

Our consulting services are based upon our qualifications and are best suited to clients in the following situations, for example:

For sellers:

  • Special circumstances: you have a property for sale that calls for special circumstances, e.g., restrictions based on the preservation of sites of historic interest; location in particular zones; particularly high value, and so on.
  • Utmost discretion: as the seller, you have an increased need for discretion.
  • Complex situation: the sale of your property is associated with other factors that must be taken into account (e.g., inheritance, replacement, relocation/emigration, company liquidation or transfer, etc.)
  • Mediation: you belong to a group of heirs that is not in agreement regarding the inherited property. In such situations, we can act as a mediator and can identify all possible scenarios for all involved.

For buyers:

  • Evaluation: you already have a specific property in mind and are seeking a professional opinion regarding all relevant aspects.
  • Coaching: you already have several properties on your short list and are not sure which one to choose. You are seeking an experienced “sparring partner” for this process of evaluation.
  • Planning: you are planning a construction project and you feel unsure about certain questions.
  • Representation: you are a public figure (VIP) and would like to search “anonymously.” We can take over this search for you without anyone knowing your identity.

For foreign buyers and for Swiss buyers living abroad:

  • Research of the location: you are a Swiss buyer living abroad and are planning to buy a property or to begin a construction project in Switzerland.
  • Residence: you are a foreign buyer and would like to settle in Switzerland (26 cantons: 26 solutions!). We would be happy to systematically guide you through the evaluation process and to recommend to you additional professionals and contact persons whenever necessary. (See also: section on residence planning)

We offer these and other services at an hourly rate. Please ask us about relevant conditions.