Planning your residence in Switzerland

Every property purchase is, above all, a location decision, and there are just two points of departure: you have already decided where to buy a property, or the location is still being evaluated.

Switzerland has 26 cantons, 3 resp. 4 language regions, and offers a great variety with regard to lifestyle, tax burden (e.g., lump-sum taxation), and architectural and construction possibilities. Regarding the latter, it must be said that Switzerland likely has the most rigid construction and zone ordinances in the world. Only those professionals who can read and understand these and who are familiar with the permit regulations can assess the value or potential of a property in a practical manner. Every construction project requires an array of permits, without which one cannot or is not allowed to build.

At the same time, the acquirement of residential properties by foreign nationals is strictly regulated by the “Lex Koller” Bill. In short, this law means that residential properties can only be acquired by those for whom Switzerland is their main place of residence (see factsheet under section References, Press Review). We are thoroughly familiar with this subject matter and can competently provide you with information.

We would be happy to systematically guide foreign nationals through the evaluation process and to recommend additional professionals and contact persons whenever necessary.

We offer these and more services at an hourly rate. Please ask us about relevant conditions.