How does one locate the property of one’s dreams?

Property search mandate

Switzerland is a land of understatement and discretion. This is particularly true of transactions involving large sums, including not only financial transactions (think Swiss banking secrecy), but also real estate transactions. Thus, it is little wonder that, particularly in the high and highest market sectors the utmost discretion is required, and both seller and buyer shy away from the spotlight of publicity. Dossiers of such properties are therefore rarely found on the Internet or in advertisements - these types of properties are often transferred privately.

A broad and deep network including all kinds of sellers and buyers is the prerequisite to successful transactions in these sectors. This quality of networking can only be established through years of work on location and through appropriate relationships of trust. For the successful broker finding the fine line between too much and too little publicity is key.

We would be happy to undertake property search requests. Such search requests are particularly well suited to clients who are not always on location or who are not too familiar with local circumstances. Please ask us about the relevant conditions.