Sell your real estate with Fine Swiss Properties!

10 good reasons why we should accompany you in selling your fine Swiss property:

  1. Discretion first: Our clients are discerning and many of them have a great need for discretion. For this reason, we have implemented a technology that allows us to electronically encrypt files so that we can largely prevent them being passed around in an uncontrolled manner and prevent the owner's need for discretion being transgressed.
  2. Individual, tailor-made services: no parent network that limits us or sets us targets. We can respond fully and entirely to your needs and desires.
  3. Expertise: Our property expertise dates back to the year 1939: Since that time, we have been dealing with properties every day, listening to the pulse of the market so that we know which developments are pending. Because of this expertise, we are conversational partners with the media who quotes us regularly.
  4. All relevant competences from a single source: We are different from conventional real estate agents in that we work in a solution-oriented manner and not a property-oriented manner. In addition, we offer all success-relevant skills such as profound marketing and market knowledge and many years of architecture, renovation and construction experience from a single source and can answer legal questions. This gives us a unique profile in the Swiss real estate market.
  5. Experience: Only those who can create property itself, i.e. namely architects, can be practical judges of what potential and therefore what value a property has.
  6. Seniority: Every person whom you will deal with on our part has notable professional experience. No assistants and/or persons in junior positions will take care of you or your property.
  7. State-of-the-art marketing-tools: We work with the latest instruments and are even pioneers where technologies are concerned. For example, we are the first real estate company in Switzerland (and are among the world's first) who can offer interactive listings with spherical images.
  8. Established network: Due to our many years of experience, we are very well networked and, if necessary, can even speak to the relevant contacts immediately.
  9. Internationality: In the context of the free movement of persons and globalisation, it is a matter of course for us that we have all relevant information and dossiers ready both in German as well as in English.
  10. Values and principles: We have clearly defined values and principles according to which we work and therefore ensure that you - our clients - receive a measurable added value. "A good broker pays himself," because he brings a better price out of a property than a private person could.